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Joint initiative: University of Minho, Universidade da Coruña, Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul (UNISC)

Within the scope of the VI Hispanic-Luso-Brazilian International Seminar on Fundamental Rights and Public Policies, and due to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Preparatory Telematic Days of the VI Seminar seek to consolidate the cooperation and exchange between the organizing entities, through the use of new tools for updating and disseminating knowledge.

Links to access the event:
18/06 – meet.google.com/dyh-fgzc-hqe
19/06 – meet.google.com/dyh-fgzc-hqe

⚠️For the issuance of a 20hours certificate of attendance registration is required through the following email: daviilha00@gmail.com


| Programme:

June 18 – 9 am BR | 1 pm PT

Tema: The democratic rule of law collapsing: are fundamental rights at risk in times of pandemic?
Rogério Gesta Leal – UNISC
Maria Luz Puente Aba – UCoruña
Alessandra Silveira – UMinho/CEDU-JusGov
José Alcebiades de Oliveira Jr. – UFRGS
Suzéte da Silva Reis – UNISC

June 18 – 1:30 pm BR | 5:30 pm PT

Tema: Public administration controls in Brazil, Portugal and Spain in face of urgent coronavirus demands
Carlos Aymerich Cano – UCoruña
Carlos Amoedo – UCoruña
Ricardo Hermany – UNISC
Marco Almeida Cerreda – USC
Janriê Rodrigues Reck – UNISC
Joaquim Rocha – UMinho/CEDU-JusGov

June 19 – 9 am BR | 1 pm PT

Tema: Public and private relations and their limits in environments stressed by Covid-19
Jorge Renato dos Reis – UNISC
Luiz Gonzaga Adolfo – UNISC
Xosé Manuel Carril Vázquez – UCoruña
André Viana Custodio – UNISC
Ismael Francisco de Souza – UNESC
Pedro Foufre – UMinho/CEDU-JusGov

June 19 – 1:30 pm BR | 5:30 pm PT

Tema: Jurisdictional metamorphoses and public policy challenges in the context of the European Union and Brazil in face of the coronavirus
Caroline Müller Bitencourt – UNISC
Monia C. Hennig Leal – UNISC
Joana Abreu – UMinho/CEDU-JusGov
Larissa Coelho – UMinho/CEDU-JusGov
Andreia Barbosa – UMinho/CEDU-JusGov

| Organisation:
 Alessandra Silveira (UMinho/CEDU-JusGov), Carlos Aymerich Cano (UCoruña), Rogério Gesta Leal (UNISC)

| Executive Coordination: Larissa Coelho (UMinho/CEDU-JusGov)