JusGov is a sub-unit of the School of Law and a R&D Unit of the University of Minho.

The Research Centre for Justice and Governance (JusGov) is dedicated to advancing research and scholarship in Law by pursuing an innovative interdisciplinary research programme, engaging in international research networks, investing in a strong dissemination strategy, providing policy relevant research and legal expertise of interest to governments, practitioners and other stakeholders, and contributing to the scientific initiation and advanced training of early stage researchers.

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School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon hosts international conference on Empathy

January 18th, 2022|

From 17 until 19 January, the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon will host the international and interdisciplinary conference Sympatheia / Einfühlung / Empathy: On the History of Understanding and Feeling Otherness. The conference will take [...]

ICAIL 2023 – International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law

January 12th, 2022|

Enrico Francesconi, Executive President of the International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law, has announced that the next edition of ICAIL - International Conference for Artificial Intelligence and Law, will be held at the University of Minho, in Braga, from [...]

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The Centre is committed to fulfilling the Open Access Policies. The open availability of research results using public funding has significant social and economic benefits. Any user will be able to access these scientific publications in electronic format at any time without any restrictions of content. Publications in open access should also allow the search and reuse of the content of the publications, either manually or through another resourse.

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