Author(s) Luísa Maria da Rocha Oliveira Alvoeiro
Advisor(s) Américo Fernando Gravato Morais
Year 2015

Synopsis This professional activity report is purposed to obtaining the Degree of Masters in Contracts and Company Law, in Law School of University of Minho, according to the provisions of paragraph 3 of Order RT-38/2011, of June 21st. The accreditation of the training acquired in the corresponding Graduate course had already been provided, has exempted us from the scholar part of the Masters course. Thus, an option was made to begin this report with a mention to our academic training, then looking at the training sessions and specialization courses attended, and finally showing our professional experience resulting from nominations following deliberations of the Supreme Judicial Council, along with a characterization of the functional practice developed at the extinguished district courts of Nelas, Barcelos and Braga. Subsequently, the subject of compensations for indirect damages for non-pecuniary loss (rebound), while damages suffered by third parties (secondary victims) in cases where the victim (directly injured party) survives to a road accident, which has given rise to diverging doctrinal guidance and jurisprudence, with special attention to the Standardising Ruling Of Jurisprudence delivered on 16.01.2014, which stemmed from a decision delivered by us in Proceeding nº. 6430/07.0TBBRG, from the extinguished Mixed Competence Court of Braga. Finally, the protection circle of people directly linked to the injured party will be reviewed.

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