Author(s) Susana Lourenço Gonçalves
Advisor(s) Teresa Alexandra Coelho Moreira
Year 2013

Synopsis The present study aims at the analysis of civil liability for damages arising from accidents at work. Currently, workplace accident claims are a concerning problem, involving the employer, the worker, the insurance company and the health safety technicians. This problem places the phenomenon of workplace accidents as the primary objective of this study. Thus, the investigation of this issue has focused on a thorough and careful analysis of the law 98/2009 of the 4th of September (Workplace Accidents Law), as well as the analysis of other enactments. According to the law, an accident at work is one that occurs in the workplace during the course of work which leads to direct or indirect physical injury or functional disorder or disease, resulting in the reduction of work capacity, gain or death. For the determination of liability, the employers responsibilities regarding compensation of the workplace accident was analyzed, as were the causes of exclusion, reduction and aggravation. Other important aspects were also evidenced.

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