Project Description

Open seminar on Portuguese courts and preliminary ruling procedure | May 5th

Last Friday, May 5, between 10h-13h, in room CP2 307, CEDU held an (open) seminar on the preliminary referral process and the concerns that assail the magistrate who resigns – as it arises and is formulated the question referred, which refers to the CJEU, how the interaction between the referring court and the CJEU takes place, how to optimize the CJEU’s response, etc.

The seminar was coordinated by Prof. Alessandra Silveira and was attended by two magistrates who have regularly returned to the CJEU, Judge Counselor of the Supreme Administrative Court, Carlos Carvalho (doctoral student at UMinho) and Judge of the Court of Appeal of Porto, José Cabrita Vieira e Cunha ( Master in Law of the European Union by UMinho).