Project Description

Open Classroom of Sophie Perez Fernandes | January 7th

A lecture was held last Thursday, January 7, 2016, in the scope of the Curricular Unit “Law of Administrative Organization” (Master in Geography), which is in charge of Professor Joana Rita Abreu, Integrated Member of CEDU, European Environmental Law and the impact on the national legal order. The said class was taught by Sophie Perez Fernandes:

Guest lecturer at the Law School of the University of Minho.

Doctorate in European Union Law at the University of Minho, with PhD scholarship FCT.

Master in Law of the European Union by the University of Minho.

Salgado Zenha Award 2008.

School Merit Award – University of Minho (2006, 2007 and 2008).

Jacques Delors Award 2012 (CIEJD).

The respective class took place in room B3.39B Block B of the Campus of Azurém, Guimarães, at 18:15 and counted on the scientific support of CEDU