Project Description

Ethical Lunch – Debates on Applied Ethics | April 20th

The “Ethics Lunch – Debates on Applied Ethics” will take place at the UMinho panoramic restaurant, between 13h and 14h, on current topics of applied ethics, with two invited to defend contradictory points of view and a neutral moderator. Each guest will have 10 minutes, and the discussion will then be extended to all participants.

These meetings will be not only moments of reflection and discussion, but also an opportunity for the academic community to strengthen ties, taking advantage of a time when there are usually no other commitments.
In this first lunch, which will take place on April 20, the topic under discussion will be the ethics of unconditional basic income. The debate will be introduced by Roberto Merrill (Professor in the Department of Philosophy) and by João Sérgio Ribeiro (Professor at the Law School). It will be moderated by Benedita Mac Crorie (Professor at Law School).

Benedita Mac Crorie, Centro de Investigação Interdisciplinar em Direitos Humanos (DH-CII)
Roberto Merrill, Centro de Ética, Política e Sociedade (CEPS)
Björn Fredrik Johansson, Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental (CBMA)