Doctoral Programme in Legal Sciences

The Ph.D. programme in Legal Sciences is now in its third year of implementation after having been audited by the Portuguese Agency for Quality of Higher Education (A3ES). The programme is a three-year programme. Ph.D. students admitted by the Doctoral Programme Committee may choose between two alternative tracks: a Ph.D. course programme of one semester, followed by the writing of the dissertation under the supervision of a JusGov IR, or the immediate submission of a research proposal and its implementation under the supervision of a JusGov IR. The main goal of the Doctoral Programme is to provide advanced training to researchers, lecturers and practitioners in all legal fields. It is presently divided into three main areas of expertise: Private Legal Studies, Public Legal Studies and General Legal Sciences. In its three years of existence, the Doctoral Programme has been able to attract researchers from different parts of the world (Brazil, Angola, Timor-Leste, China, Iraq, Colombia, Thailand, and Bolívia), who have contributed to a very diverse and vibrant academic community.

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