Editor UnYLeYa Edições
Author(s) Andreia Rute Baptista
Year 2015
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Synopsis The concept of interculturality is intentionally inaccurate, such is the uniqueness and diversity of its potential meaning. The notion of ‘intercultural’ can be interpreted in innumerable ways, almost always connoisseurs with a certain exoticism, and so it came into fashion. But in these pages, the intercultural is understood as movement, transit, travel, as a dynamic between cultures. The contemporary intercultural journey is a global journey, a circumnavigation at the speed of light. This approach to interculturality underlies all the paths of reciprocity and communication implicit in the dialogue, diversity and movement that the prefix ‘inter’ suggests. This is why we examine here the motivations, characteristics, and implications of cultural interactions, in perpetual motion, devoid of spatial or temporal boundaries, in such a risky and stimulating limitless boundary. The pages of this book function as a space of hybridity, subversion, and transgression. Here, the binary divisions and antagonisms typical of Western thought, including the eternal opposition between theory and practice, science and politics, cease to make sense. In this book, cultures dialogue and merge, something characteristic of the spaces of cultural translation, where arbitrary meanings are constantly repositioned and questioned, in function of new contexts. In a continuous creation of uncertainties, new hypotheses are produced here.