Editor Almedina
Author(s) Cristina Dias
Year 2009
Availability for sale
Synopsis Exhausted the first edition of this book, it was necessary to publish a new edition that, without substantive changes in the subject under analysis, could be a mere reprint. However, as a result of several conferences on the new legal regime for divorce, I realized that certain points should be clarified and others developed in more detail (the court’s jurisdiction to grant divorces by mutual consent, legislative omissions and disarticulation of new solutions with other legal provisions, problems concerning the new regulation of parental responsibilities, the enforceability of the compensatory claim, the scope of the law and the transitional regime, etc.). I therefore took advantage of this 2nd edition for a deeper analysis of Law 61/2008, of October 31st, without, however, altering the initial goals of this study: to be a first analysis of the legal regime of divorce for the my students of Family Law and serve as a basis of work for law practitioners.