Editor Almedina
Author(s) Joana Aguiar e Silva
Year 2011
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Part I – Main lines of a hermeneutic and literary conception of law
Chapter I – Language and Being: The Twentieth Century’s Linguistic / Interpretative Turn
Chapter II – The Law and the linguistic / interpretive turn of the 20th century
Chapter III – Law and Literature

Part II – Repercussions of a globally literary conception of law in the problem of the conception of legal sources and interpretation
Chapter I – The linguistic / interpretative shift and the crisis of the legalistic paradigm of the 19th century. Divorce between legal creation and interpretation: a legacy in overcoming
Chapter II – The sources of Law. Ontological, legal and political dimension of an equation
Chapter III – Positive, legal consecration of the legal sources framework
Chapter IV – The rule of law and the crisis of the law: projection of a / in a hermeneutic-argumentative legal culture
Chapter V – The legal hermeneutics of the twentieth century: rhetorical-argumentative dimension of jurisprudence. The Right as interpretatio


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