Editor Direitos Humanos – Centro de Investigação Interdisciplinar
Author(s) Alessandra Silveira, Anabela Miranda Rodrigues, Angelo Marletta, António Cluny, Chloé Brière, Joana Abreu, José P. Ribeiro de Albuquerque, Luís Lemos Triunfante, Margarida Santos, Pedro Caeiro, Peter Csonka (coord. Margarida Santos)
Year 2017
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Synopsis This publication contains the texts corresponding to the communications presented at the International Congress on Criminal Law of the European Union and Human Rights entitled “The new challenges of judicial and police cooperation in the European Union and the implementation of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office”, organized by the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Human Rights, in collaboration with the Center for Legal Studies of the European Union and the Union of Magistrates of the Public Prosecution Service, on May 18, 2017, at the University of Minho Law School.