Editor MonteCristo Editora
Author(s) José de Ribamar Lima da Fonseca Júnior
Year 2012
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Synopsis The book makes a thematic clipping about the importance of the media in the consolidation of Human Rights and makes a brief report on the meaning and the historical process of construction of these rights. It is argued that Media, more precisely the Internet, have played a relevant role in disseminating knowledge of these rights among people, in monitoring their fulfilment, especially in countries of totalitarian regimes, and especially in their consolidation as a conquest of the Humanity. The main objective of this research is precisely to demonstrate the consolidation of Human Rights through the media, especially the Internet, highlighting the action not only of national and global official bodies but also of non-governmental organizations, all committed to ensure the observance of these rights, today less disrespected precisely by the hard and incessant work of men committed to justice and concerned with the moral development of our planet. In this way, the book offers an overview of the human rights situation in Brazil and in the world, highlighting all that has been done with a view to the effective consolidation of these rights, especially the use of the Internet as a factor of dissemination of knowledge and supervision in the whole globe.