Editor Coimbra Editora
Author(s) Maria de Assunção André Coelho Dias da Silva do Vale Pereira
Year 2014
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Synopsis International Humanitarian Law (IHL) has not been the subject of great interest on the part of the Portuguese jurists, which justifies the absence of a Manual on the subject, produced within our Academy. These Fundamental Understandings of International Humanitarian Law aim in some way to overcome this gap, although without pretension to treat this branch of International Law completely, which would be impossible in a work like this, given the vastness and matters covered by it. In any case, the main issues have been addressed, so that an introductory part of the principles governing the conduct of armed conflicts refers to the legal regulation of different types of weapons and the protection conferred by IHL to different groups of people (combatants, prisoners of war, civilians, women, children, journalists, etc.), while focusing on some particular issues such as the use of drones, privatization of war or exploitation of children as soldiers.