Editor Almedina
Author(s) Cristina Dias
Year 2017
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Synopsis The unit of Family Law and Inheritance of the Course of Law of the University of Minho remained as an annual discipline of the last year of the degree, even after the modification operated in the curricular plan by virtue of the so-called Bologna process. Although such a choice has real advantages for students, implies that the matter of the Law of Inheritance be taught in a reduced and abbreviated form, although an analysis of all the questions involved in the succession phenomenon is not dispensed with. For this reason, I considered it essential to prepare brief lessons in the Law of Inheritance, which correspond to the classes taught by me to the aforementioned year of the Law course, in order to serve as an element in the preparation of the unit for its students. The acts or facts that make up the inheritance phenomenon are addressed in a simple but strict way, indicating, with the bibliographical notes, the way to the necessary deepening of the matter whenever necessary. This is, therefore, a manual for my Inheritance Law students who, in a few lessons, grasp the knowledge necessary for such a complex matter as the death succession phenomenon.