Author(s) António Cândido Oliveira
Year 2016
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Synopsis This publication complements in a way the Basic Legislation of Local Authorities edited by AEDREL (www.aedrel.org) in 2015 and has already been exhausted. It does not contain the full text of the 248 legal diplomas that are mentioned in it by manifest lack of space, as they would be thousands of pages. It contains only the summaries, making reference to the places where the complete text can be found (fundamentally in the database of the
Office of the Attorney General of the District of Lisbon, available at www.pgdlisboa.pt). Through this publication the readers will get more complete information about the legal diplomas that somehow claim respect to the local autarchies. It should be noted that the work would take on a disproportionate extent if we include in addition to the legal diplomas the regulatory diplomas of the Government. It would be many thousands of pages and of reduced utility given the speed at which the regulations are created, modified and revoked.