Editor Maria Miguel Carvalho

Author(s) Alexandre L. Dias Pereira | Anabela Susana de Sousa Gonçalves | C. Vanleenhove | Cristiana Santos | Diana Coutinho | E. L. Heerema | Irene Portela | Isa Meireles | J. De Bruyne | Manuel David Masseno | Maria Miguel Carvalho | Miguel Matos R. Koolhoven | Rachel Allsopp

Year 2018

ISSN 2184-4062

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E.Tec – State, Enterprise and Technology is one of the Research Centre for Justice and Governance (JusGov) groups. It conducts multidisciplinary research on the interplay between State, enterprise and technology, aiming to develop scholarship and policy inputs that may contribute to the creation of economic and social value which is fairer, more effective, and sustainable. The group’s activity plan includes the publication of a Yearbook, in open access, which aims to disseminate the results of part of the scientific research being developed by the participating researchers with relevant external collabo-ration and to foster the evolution of the legal thinking. This inaugural volume is dedicated to an area of current relevance with undisputable economic, social and legal importance: Law and Technology. The texts now published have in common the exploitation of legal problems arising from technological innovations – in particular digital transformation, artificial intelligence and robotics – by discussing and presenting solutions for the chal-lenges posed in different areas of law, explored in E.Tec research strands: indus-try 4.0, artificial intelligence and robotics, Health Law and Governance.