Editor Almedina
Author(s) Paulo Jorge Silva Fernandes
Year 2001
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Synopsis Chernobyl happened 15 years ago. Its effects were felt throughout a heavily civilized Europe, causing terrifying damage, in space and time. Not yet have all the victims been born!
In this reality the contours of the new problem of the Society of risk reside. Of invisible, incalculable, potentially limitless, insurmountable risks that know no frontiers, creeds or races: we are all agents and victims simultaneously.
This climate puts unprecedented problems in criminal law: expansion? The rethinking of certain current categories? The use of crimes of abstract danger, together with the emergence of diffuse interests worthy of criminal protection and the emergence of new legal goods? An (inevitable?) Decharacterization, dilution, relativization, functionalization? How to react and with what instruments? To this new universe and already unavoidable, for all jurists but also for the general public, we will dedicate the present study.