Editor Quid Iuris
Author(s) Coord. Alessandra Silveira
Year 2011
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Synopsis This book brings together the scientific contributions presented during the conferences and seminars organized under the Jean Monnet Action 2009/2010 (Information and Research Activities), entitled “European Union Law and Transnationality” (project funded by the European Commission). The texts included in the work reflect the concerns of each Researcher called upon to intervene in a debate that was wanted as wide as possible – public finances, industrial property, democracy, car insurance, public procurement, citizen participation, environment, federalism, public administration, competition, immigration, consumption, public ministry, strategic association, double taxation, landscape, political identity, security, administrative act, constitutionalisation, internormativity. Within its sphere of action and research, each author was challenged to consider a given theme in the light of the complexity of transnational demands.