Editor Centro de Estudos em União Europeia
Author(s) Alessandra Silveira, Ana Filipa Afonseca, Ana Margarida Pereira, Fátima Pacheco, Flávia Noversa Loureiro, Gemma Pérez Souto, Guilherme Estima Giacobbo, Isa António, Isabel Espín Alba, Isabel Lirola Delgado, Joana Covelo de Abreu, José Ricardo Sousa, Natacha Ribeiro, Paulo Márcio Cruz, Pedro Madeira Froufe, Ricardo Hermany, Rogério Gesta Leal, Sophie Perez Fernandes, Zenildo Bodnar
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Whenever a senior researcher visits CEDU, the Directorate of the Center promotes their interaction with researchers working in related fields, the youngest, organizing workshops with the guests. This practice results from CEDU’s commitment to the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), intending something intimate, with about 10-15 researchers in interaction, exchange of experiences and perspectives based on a theme proposed by the guest. In addition to the main intervention of the invited investigator, all actors may present subjects submitting their concerns and results to the scrutiny of the Colleagues.