Editor Almedina
Author(s) Isabel Fonseca
Year 2015
Availability for sale
Synopsis It is no coincidence that there was a need to promote the publication of a collection of European legislation on public procurement and to publicize the (new) European Law on Public Procurement, especially substantive law. to discipline strategic public procurement; Law that builds the public contract as an instrument to achieve different purposes or public purposes as diverse (and perhaps so irreconcilable); Law that provides for public procurement promoting growth (smart, sustainable and inclusive) and innovation.
Although without broad consensus, we can say that in this legal framework, sustainability includes or may include several dimensions: environmental consideration, social concern and financial valence. And, therefore, thinking about sustainability implies emphasizing the efficiency of public spending and the improvement in the quality / price relation in public procurement. In the context of the promotion of environmental and social objectives, greater efficiency in the use of resources and energy, promotion of employment innovation and the social inclusion of people and smaller economic operators should be achieved.