Editor Research Centre for Justice and Governance
Author(s)  Anabela Susana de Sousa Gonçalves, Cristina Dias, Diana Coutinho, Fernando Conde Monteiro, Manuel Simas Santos, Margarida Santos, Pedro Miguel Freitas, Rossana Cruz, Sónia Moreira (dir. Anabela Susana de Sousa Gonçalves)
Year 2017
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Synopsis The Interdisciplinary Research Center for Human Rights publishes its number 0 of the Human Rights Yearbook with the intention of presenting part of the scientific production work of some of its researchers during the year 2017. The contributions in this number 0 span several areas of law, with a common identity: research on the field of Human Rights. The texts that are now published demonstrate the variety of scientific production and the dynamism of the Center’s team of researchers, with relevant external collaborations.
ISSN 2184-1853