Editor Almedina
Author(s) Cristina Dias
Year 2017
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Synopsis In the current economic environment, issues of inheritance between spouses are increasingly present in marriages and, inevitably, in cases of divorce. The possibility for spouses to change their status by way of liability for debts is a reality. The problem of the debts of the spouses and assumed before third parties touches on several subjects and complex and specific topics. Issues such as debts to the bank (and the problem of bank accounts), the principle of immutability of the property regime, the admissibility of contracts between spouses and their repercussions on the patrimonial relations between them, relevant in the field of the patrimonial relations between the spouses and with third parties, open a universe of autonomous study. Their importance and complexity require independent and specific reflection. We have therefore decided to deepen our study, which we have initiated in another investigation, in this matter also given its relevance and the frequency with which these problems are placed in our courts.