Editor Direitos Humanos – Centro de Investigação Interdisciplinar
Author(s) Clovis Demarchi, Eva Maria Souto García, Fernando Conde Monteiro, Fernando Torrão, Flávia Noversa Loureiro, Manuel Monteiro Guedes Valente, Nuno Brandão, Patrícia Jerónimo, Susana Aires de Sousa, Wladimir Britto (coord. Flávia Noversa Loureiro)
Year 2017
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Synopsis  The Book now shared  brings together the work of the International Conference “The Protection of Human Rights within the Economic organized  Crime,” held on December 9, 2016, in Braga, at the School of Law of the University of Minho. There were many and different reasons for the scientific meeting: on the one hand, it was intended to mark the International Day of Human Rights, on the other, we wanted to celebrate the International Day against Corruption, and, on the other hand, we wanted to make the public presentation of the 10 Year Memorial Book of the Master in Human Rights. These reasons were joined by the desire, transformed some time ago into a project, to carry out a conference on the issues raised by organized economic crime, which would bring together different reflections, national and foreign, around some of its most burning problems.