Project Description

Conferência “Nudging and Paternalistic Societies: Free Choice and Subtle Determinis” | 21 de junho

We are pleased to announce the conference under the tpoic “Nudging and Paternalistic Societies:Free Choice and Subtle Determinism”, an event that gathers the contributions of specialists in this topic and the keynote speaker Avanidhar Subrahmanyam (UCLA).
This conference aims to explore the insights and methodologies of behavioral science that influence choices and how they are used in economic and political contexts, to bring a better understanding of the benefits and challenges of incorporating behavioral science into the society routine choices. Even though nudges are used frequently in several fields of modern society, they are imperceptible for the general population. Individuals keep free choice while their choices are subtly designed and premeditated apriori. The ignorance of human nature always protected individuals from themselves; the growing knowledge of that nature implies the dissipation of that protection.
Coordenação Científica
Cristiana Cerqueira Leal
Manuel Curado

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