Marito Maia


Marito Maia was born in East Timor in1978. He graduated in Law in 2008, at the Faculty of Law at the University Atmajaya Jogjakarta- Indonesia. In 2014 he obtained a Master’s Degree in Judicial Law from Universidade do Minho under the guidance of Prof. Fernando Eduardo Batista Conde Monteiro providing evidence of a master’s degree in Judicial Law, with the presentation of a thesis entitled “Protection of Witness in Criminal Procedure: A Comparative View of Portuguese and Timor-Leste Legal Frameworks”.
He began his professional activity in 2008, as a professor at the National University Timor Loro Sae (UNTL). Since 2018, the year in which he started his PhD in Legal Sciences at the University of Minho Law School, he dedicates himself exclusively to teaching, in professional terms, teaching at the National University Timor Loro Sae (UNTL), the curricular units of introduction to Law, Law Administrative and Constitutional Law.

This researcher belongs to JUSCRIM.