Project Description

Seminar “Luso-Brazilian Legal interlocutions III” | November 14th-15th

This seminar, held on 14 and 15 November 2013, was the result of a joint organization of the faculty of the University of Santa Cruz do Sul (Brazil) and researchers from the DH-CII and NEDAL, and lean over on themes of Human Rights and Local Democracy.

Participated in this seminar:

– Professor Ricardo Hermany – “The redistribution of royalties from the pre-salt in the face of the principles of equality and subsidiarity: an analysis from the local level.”

– Professor António Cândido de Oliveira – “A Portuguese glimpse on the financial crisis and its reflections in the Local Government (Municipal Authorities)”

– Professor João Carvalho – “The evolution of Portuguese local finance in times of crisis”

– Professor Marlene Marli Moraes da Costa – “The (re) establishing of the communication between social actors at the local level from the social capital: an approach from the restorative justice”

– Professor Pedro Bacelar de Vasconcelos – “Justice and Transition”

Check out the program here.