Project Description

PARLAMENTELSIUM – Simulation session of the European Parliament | February 26th

ELSA-UMinho promotes, on February 26, 2016, the first simulation of the European Parliament in EDUM, with the scientific support of CEDU.

The Parlamentelsium is intended to enable competitors to seize the intervention in the ordinary legislative procedure of the European Parliament, which intervenes, together with the Council, in the discussion and settlement phase of the legislative proposal presented by the Commission. In this context, it is necessary to take into account the existence of European political groups and the sensitivities that each has to the subject under consideration. To this end, applications will be submitted for the presentation of allegations, assuming the expected position of one of the European political families AT YOUR CHOICE, based on the following legislative proposal from the Commission:

– Proposal for a Directive on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by competent authorities for the prevention, investigation, detection and prosecution of criminal offenses or the enforcement of criminal sanctions, and on the free movement of such data.

Deadline for submission of applications: January 31, 2016

The scientific coordination of the activity is in charge of Prof. Dr. Joana Covêlo de Abreu, an integrated member of CEDU.

The winning team will have paid travel and stay in Brussels to visit the European Parliament.

Check out the program here.