Project Description

«Judicial Winter University – Challenges of European Union Criminal Law in the World Society» | February 13th-15th

CEDU organized a meeting of magistrates held at the University of Minho, at the premises of the Law School, between February 13-15th 2014.

This meeting between magistrates from all over Europe (and also from Brazil) was born out of a joint initiative between CEDU, MEDEL (Magistrates européens pour la démocratie et les libertés), ASJP (Trade Union of Portuguese Judges) and SMMP and sought to provide a forum for reflection and dialogue between researchers, magistrates and representatives of the European institutions on the many issues associated with criminal law in the European Union (in a broad sense, including the substantive, procedural and judicial cooperation) after the Treaty of Lisbon.

In line with the challenge launched by the European Commission through the ‘Assises de la justice’ conference (Brussels, 21-22 November 2013), to promote a public consultation on the justice sector within the Union and the future of policies and priorities in this area, the problems related to the implementation of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office have been (mainly) discussed on the basis of the proposal for a Council Regulation establishing it [COM (2013) 534 final].

The event was attended by the Minister of Justice (Paula Teixeira da Cruz), the Attorney General (Joana Marques Vidal), the President of MEDEL (António Cluny), the Vice President of EUROJUST (Ladislav Hamran), as well as members of the European Commission, magistrates and prosecutors, university lecturers and researchers. The initiative brought together magistrates from more than 15 countries and had the support of the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office, through the association Public Prosecution.

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