Project Description

International Conference “Em torno de Life Time Contracts” | May 15th

The Interdisciplinary Research Center for Human Rights, through its research group on private law – phenomena of constitutionalisation, materialisation and socialization, organizes an international colloquium around the book Life Time Contracts on 15 May 2015 at the Law School of the University of Minho.

The book in question is the result of a research project coordinated by Udo Reifner and Luca Nogler.

The term Life Time Contracts is intended to designate durable contracts essential to the person’s existence, including credit agreements, leases and employment contracts.

In response to the current proposals for the standardization of European contract law, based on the paradigm of contracts for instant execution, such as buying and selling, the book on which the present colloquium is polarized proposes to underline the significance of long-term contracts for society, to the economy and to the law.

The conference will feature the participation of Professors Reifner ( and and Nogler (http: / and a group of distinguished professors and researchers from some of the most prestigious Portuguese universities.

The scientific coordination is the responsibility of Nuno Manuel Pinto Oliveira and Benedita MacCrorie, integrated researchers of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Human Rights and professors of the Law School of the University of Minho. The complete program can be consulted at the International Colloquium on Life Time Contracts

Check out the program here.