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Fifth Edition Simulated Hearing of the CJEU – Minhota Section | June 4th

On June 4, 2014, at 2:00 p.m., in room 009 of EDUM, the 5th edition of the Simulated Hearing of the CJEU – Minhota Section took place. They were competing five teams composed of students of the 2nd year of the degree in Law (see below the composition of the teams), who had to defend arguments

in a highly complex case, being secondly questioned by the members of the jury. The case and the preliminary questions were based on the last edition of the European Law Moot Court Competition 2013/2014, and the University of Minho hosted for the second time one of the regional finals of that competition.

As in previous editions, the jury of the Simulated Hearing was presided over by the President of the Court of Appeal of Guimarães, Judge Des. António Ribeiro, and by the following members: Judge Des. António Sobrinho, Judge Des. José Vieira Cunha, Judge Des. Fernando Fernandes Freitas, Judge Des. Rosa Tching, all students (or former students) of the Master in Law of the European Union. The winning student will have the opportunity to accompany the CEDU group (composed of masters in European Union law, magistrates and MPs and lawyers) during the next study visit to the CJEU.

Vander Francisco da Silva (ERASMUS Brazilian student) was the winner of the 2014 edition of the Simulated Hearing, and two honorable mentions were also awarded to the students Joana Filipa Sónia Batista Gomes and Rui Filipe Sónia Batista Gomes. The coordination of the activity was in charge of Dr. Sophie Perez Fernandes.

Team composition:

– Peter Peters and others, (Joana Filipa Poland Sousa Batista Gomes; Cristina Isabel Botelho Simão; Rui Filipe Poland Sousa Batista Gomes);

– the Government of the Republic of Kapitaal (Rodrigo Cabral Silva Freitas Batista, Francisca Lamela Martins, Isabel Moreira Gonçalves Correia de Paiva, Ricardo Miguel Martins Guimarães and Valérie Dias Pinto);

– the Government of the Grand Duchy of Lodmova (José Carlos Martins Baptista, Filipa Alexandra Damasceno Dantas Mendes, Joni Sousa Rodrigues, Paulo André da Silva Rodrigues and Rúben Miguel Lima Toste);

– the European Commission (Vanessa Filipa Faria Ribeiro, Alexandra Sofia Fernandes Vilaça, Ana Isabel Lima Gonçalves, Sara Teixeira Balinha);

– Opinion of the Advocate-General (Vander Francisco da Silva, Kim Ignacio Coelho da Costa).

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