Project Description

EYNORTE – Young Europeans Association of the North of Portugal organizes Café Europa in Braga with the scientific seal of CEDU | February 22nd

EYNORTE – Young Europeans Association of Northern Portugal is a young, non-profit and non-partisan association that acts as a mechanism for civic reflection and intervention in the field of European youth policies.

In this context, EYNORTE held a “Café Europa” on 22 February 2015, at 4:00 p.m., on the Air Rooftop Terrace, under the project “A New Narrative for Europe”, under the theme “Is European citizenship a citizenship for young people? A multidimensional dialogue “. The choice of theme was that the debate on the process of building European citizenship and the plurality of meanings that young people attribute to it were considered essential.

To this end, following the World Coffee methodology, this activity, with the support of the European Commission, aims to promote debate and reflection among participants.

“Café Europa” has the scientific support of CEDU – Center for Studies in Law of the European Union, organic subunit of the University of Minho.

Recently elected the organs of EYNORTE, the President of the Board is the Invited Assistant of EDUM, Joana Rita Covelo de Abreu.