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Cunha Rodrigues Colloquium in the XX years of the EDUM | May 28th

As part of the commemorations of the 20th anniversary of the Law School of the University of Minho (EDUM), the Center for Studies in Law of the European Union (CEDU) organized a symposium in honor of Counselor Cunha Rodrigues, entitled “The role of the Courts in the construction of a Union of Right “. The colloquium took place at the EDUM Noble Auditorium on May 28th, from 9:00 a.m.

Cunha Rodrigues was a judge of the CJEU for twelve years. And although he asserts that the judgments he has made, whether good or bad, are not his, but the Court’s, it is certain that his sageza and clairvoyance marked indelibly the jurisprudence of the CJEU in the first decade of the century. XXI – and to this extent, the integration process itself. Being also a Member of the Commission of Scientific Follow-up of CEDU, nothing is fairer than to give him this simple homage, integrated in the commemorations of the XX anniversary of the EDUM.

On the basis of some of the material areas of European Union law in which Cunha Rodrigues intervened the most during his visit to the CJEU, the colloquium sought to focus attention on the application of European Union law by the courts which form part of the European judicial structure (notably the courts of the Member States). As functionally European courts). At a time when much is being debated whether the current crisis reveals some crucial dysfunction between the expectations of European citizens and the institutional mechanisms of political integration at their disposal, it is important to know whether the development of a broad notion of ‘citizenship of rights’ by the CJEU by provocation of the national courts) plays a part in this scenario.

The initiative was supported by the Jean Monnet Chair “Citizenship of rights: European citizenship as a fundamental statute for nationals of the Member States”, as well as by the Trade Union of Portuguese Judges and the Union of Magistrates of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The lecturers who have taken part in the honor are researchers from CEDU and professors of the Master of Laws of the European Union of the EDUM, as well as magistrates and prosecutors who are confronted with the growing application of European Union law in the daily life of our courts.

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