Project Description

1st Laboratory on culture and sustainable development. The Ways of Santiago | September 11th and 12th

Between September 11 and 12, the Compostela Group of Universities, together with the Center for Studies in Law of the European Union, organized the First Laboratory on Culture and Sustainable Development. The Ways of Santiago.

This academic, interdisciplinary and international activity is aimed at lawyers and experts interested in cultural rights, protection and promotion of cultural heritage and its impact on local development. The Laboratory combines the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, with practical knowledge and the observation in loco of the public policies around the Way of Santiago.

The first edition will take place between Braga, Santiago de Compostela and other locations in Galicia. The program includes a day of lectures and interactive workshops in Braga, combined with another day in which cultural visits to places of the historical heritage of Galicia will take place.

The Laboratory is organized by the Compostela Group of Universities and the University of Minho, and is conducted under the direction of Professors Dr. Teresa Carballeira and Alessandra Silveira.

The scientific committee of the course is composed by:
Professor Marek Kreglewski, President of the Compostela Group of Universities.
Professor Dr. Carla Martins, Pro-rector of the Internationalization of Teaching at the University of Minho.
Professor Marcilio Franca, University of Paraíba.
Professor Judith Gifreu, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

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