Project Description

Conference entitled “The Transfer of the Corporate Headquarters” | May 20th

Repeating an experience of past success, the Law School of the University of Minho and the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto (in association with CEDU – Center for Studies in Law of the European Union, EDUM and CIJE – Center for Legal Research FDUP) organized a joint colloquium, again on a leading issue of national and European corporate law: the cross-border change in the headquarters of commercial companies.

At the colloquium – which took place on 20 May at the EDUM and on 22 May at FDUP – the regime of this change of venue was analyzed in the light of the recent jurisprudence of the ECJ on this matter, taking into account the changes that it originated legislation of different Member States. Particular focus was obviously given to the Portuguese regime, which dealt with the difficulties, advantages and disadvantages associated with such an operation.

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