Project Description

APDE – Portuguese Report (XXV FIDE Congress, Tallinn, Estonia) | March 16th

CEDU was invited by the Portuguese Association of European Law (APDE) to prepare the Portuguese Report to be presented at the XXV Congress of the International Federation of European Law (FIDE), to be held in Tallinn / Estonia (2012). The following were appointed as national rapporteurs appointed by APDE: Dr. Alessandra Silveira (Director of CEDU), Prof. Dr. Pedro Froufe (member of the Executive Committee of CEDU) and Mestre Mariana Canotilho (CEDU collaborating member).

The report by the Members of CEDU was made subject to the theme “Protection of Fundamental Rights post-Lisbon: The Interaction between the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and National Constitutions”.

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