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3rd Forum on the theme Sexual Abuse of Children (European Perspective) | March 21st

In partnership with the CRIAR Project Association – a recognized association of support for victims of domestic violence and children victims of sexual abuse and abuse – CEDU organized, on March 21, 2014, the III Forum on Sexual Abuse of Children (perspective European level).

With a focus on Directive 2011/92 (on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography), whose deadline for transposition expired on 18 December 2013, this interdisciplinary meeting was intended to constitute a Reflection Forum and dialogue on the multiple issues associated with the problem of child sexual abuse.

Based on recent studies according to which judicial action can and should have a moderating effect on the negative impact of the child, the Forum intends to consider whether or not the normative solutions guiding the functioning of judicial process within the Union are adapted to the needs of victims of sexual abuse, in order to stabilize their legitimate expectations.

The CRIAR Project Association provides services of a legal, clinical and social nature to women, children, young people and families as offended persons, especially when they are victims of sexual abuse, mistreatment, domestic violence and trafficking in human beings. network for the resolution of such situations

The initiative was attended by the President of the National Commission of Children and Youth in Danger (CNCJR), Retired Judge Counselor Armando Leandro, in addition to the intervention of judicial magistrates and the Public Prosecutor’s Office – including the Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, Doctor Maria Clara Sottomayor – as well as lawyers, psychologists, university professors and researchers. The initiative received strong support from professionals working with child victims, with more than 150 participants present.

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