Filipe Venade’s Doctoral thesis has just been launched by Almedina

The doctoral thesis of Filipe Venade, JusGov’s researcher, has just been launched, by the publishing house Almedina, under the designation A Convenção das Nações Unidas sobre os Direitos das Pessoas com Deficiência no Ordenamento Jurídico Português. Contributo para a Compreensão do Estatuto Jusfundamental (ISBN: 9789724076768), within the scope of the Doctoral Thesis Collection.

This publication reviews the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, an instrument which represents a jus conventionale commune of the rights of persons with disabilities in the legal systems of States Parties which undertake to respect the minimum standards of the rights of persons with disabilities.

This volume can be purchased through the following link.

Moreover, Filipe Venade has received an Honourable Mention in the Award for Social and Human Sciences 2018, awarded by the National Institute for Rehabilitation, as a reflection of the quality of the researcher’s doctoral dissertation.

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