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This seminar aims to encourage the discussion of tax issues in the most diverse legal relationships of public and private law, highlighting the multidisciplinarity and transversality of tax law and its practical relevance. The aim is to analyse issues that, while focusing on tax matters, involve legal relations, principles and rules from other branches of Law.

The legal system presupposes a global ordering, in which all its normative elements, despite their diversity, should relate to each other in a harmonious and coherent manner. The systematicity and articulation that exists between the various legal rules is the basis of the legal system. In this assumption, the study and discussion of issues involving rules from different legal branches is a relevant contribution to the understanding of the legal system as a whole.






EDUM – University of Minho Law School

JusGov – Centre for Research in Justice and Governance



UMinho Law School

Noble Auditorium



FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology



João Sérgio Ribeiro

Sara Luís Dias