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Labour exploitation is an issue that challenges us all as citizens. Who produces the food we eat? Under what conditions do they live? What are the social costs of making the clothes we wear? Every day, we have to face these and other questions – with the courage to push the boundaries of our conscience further and further.

At the University of Minho Law School, International Human Rights Day has been celebrated for many years with a major international conference on a relevant topic. This year, when we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (adopted in Paris on 10 December 1948) and when the University of Minho is taking part in an international project that aims to fight labour exploitation through education, with a special focus on the agricultural sector, it seemed to us that this was the best topic to come together and reflect on situations in which human rights are violated through work.



EDUM – University of Minho Law School
JusGov – Justice and Governance Research Centre

FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology
ACT – Authority for Labour Conditions
ENAMAT – National School for the Training and Improvement of Labour Magistrates


Andreia Sofia Pinto Oliveira, EDUM

David Moya, Universitat de Barcelona

Diego Boza, Universidad de Cádiz

Marlene Matos, PSI, UM

Margarida Santos, EDUM

Teresa Coelho Moreira, EDUM