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In conversation with… is an initiative of the School of Researchers of the Research Centre for Justice and Governance (JusGov) of the School of Law of the University of Minho. This initiative aims at developing an intimate conversation about the life course of some personalities with social relevance.

Professor Rui Nunes has a degree in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto. He has also a PhD in Medicine in the area of ​​Bioethics and is Full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP), integrated researcher at CINTESIS – Center for Health Technology and Services Research and President of the Ethics Committee of FMUP. He was the founder of the Portuguese Bioethics Association and was also a member of the National Council of Ethics for Life Sciences and President of the Health Regulatory Entity. He also held the position of administrator of the Science and Development Foundation and was a member of the board of directors of the European Health Management Association. In 2011, he was one of the founders of the Porto Social Innovation Center.

Professor Rui Nunes is the author of nearly three dozen volumes and several articles. He was Head of the Research Department of the International Network of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (Haifa) and launched a proposal for a Universal Declaration of Gender Equality.

The JusGov’s School of Researchers invites the entire academic community to participate in this initiative, which will be held on May 7th at 2:30 p.m., in an on-line format, via Zoom

The participation is free of charge, but registration is required through the following link: https://www.even3.com.br/accpdrn2021

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