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Customs law is not the result of a single legal voice but calls upon the intervention of several areas of law which, layer by layer, build up the customs cosmos.

The multi-level character of customs law is therefore justified by the reflection of three types of normative sources – international, European and national – in the development of that cosmos. And within the scope of each of these three levels of regulation, there are different legal aspects which give rise to solutions which, despite the fundamental differences that separate them, maintain a common link: the customs aspect.

The conference will serve to highlight how the aridity associated with the Customs Law represents a dated concept: it is a branch of law with theoretical and principled robustness, eminently value-based and in contact with various legal knowledge, which allows a different and richer perspective of the customs issue.

Most of the speakers invited are members of Glob (Jusgov) and/or are widely recognised for their dedication to the issues at stake.




Andreia Barbosa