Author(s) Eduarda Maria Araújo Pereira
Advisor(s) Teresa Alexandra Coelho Moreira
Year 2012

Synopsis The study presented here is intended to promote the analysis and reflection on the theme of safety and health at work, and publicize the progress that has been felt since the industrial revolution to the present day and the problems that arise around this theme. This trend is due, in large part to government intervention, to the legislative process in order to regulate all matters relating to living and working conditions well as either the intervention of the European Union, by the emanation of Community policies either International Organizations such as the OIT, establishing conventions for the different sectors of production. Given the current legal framework the worker holds the rights, in particular, to provide their activity in good and safe working conditions. If those rights are denied or restricted the law gives him the right to withhold work. However, the worker has not only rights but also has duties. These duties are also sitting in the law and force him to comply with certain rules of safety and health at work. Failure to follow these rules carries consequences that may, in an ultimate situation, lead to dismissal. The regulation of Safety and Health at Work aims above all to instill in society in general, a new mindset and in each of us the importance of a culture of prevention in order to prevent or avoid a variety of situations, including work accidents or occupational diseases that, unfortunately, still is a concern of states and international organizations.

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