Author(s) Magda Elsa de Araújo Cerqueira
Advisor(s) Margarida Santos
Year 2017

Synopsis The present work faces the problematic around the new Status of the Victim created by the statute nº 130/2015 of 4 th September. The Victim`s Status establishes the rights, support, and protection of victims of crime. It pretends to create relevant changes in the structure of the criminal procedure in order to prevent the victim from being alienated from the same procedure. The purpose of this work consists in a critical analysis of the principles and rights governing the protection of victims of crimes. We will approach the legal and doctrinal concepts of victim, distinguishing the victim from the concepts of offended, assistant and injured, as well as the context of its emergence and implications to Portuguese Criminal Procedure.Law. We will defend that the status of the victim recently created has not brought about any major changes but it allows for the reconfiguration of the intervention of the person who has been the object of a criminal conduct, in order to highlight an intervention better tailored to his/her interests.

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