Author(s) Raquel Adelaide Lobarinhas Azevedo
Advisor(s) Maria Irene Gomes
Year 2017

Synopsis Job insecurity has worsened in Portugal. The current crisis we live in, which seems to have no end, shows up as the main cause of labor precariousness. The conditions faced by workers in their workplace have been deteriorating, employment is declining and the number of unemployment is increasing. To deal with the economic crisis, which keeps on hovering over us, many employers avoid hiring workers with an employment contract, using instead an independent form of contract based on service agreement. This ensure the continuity of their businesses without having to bear the costs that an employment contract entails, thus arising the so-called “False Grein Receipts”. In order to fight against this reality, Law nº 63/2013 of August 27th has emerged, which created the new “Action for the Recognition of Employment Contract Existence”. This study will explore this new action which is challenging and protective of workers’ rights. In the end, we hope to contribute to a better understanding about the issues that may arise with this new and special action.

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