Author(s) Daniela João Gonçalves de Azevedo
Advisor(s) Mário João Ferreira Monte
Year 2016

Synopsis The present dissertation’s object of study focuses on the study of drug-trafficking and new psychoactive substances being sold via internet. The synthetic production and the distribution of new drugs is a growing reality that we’re trying to understand. Faced with a lack of data that can sustain the knowledge and the fact that these new drugs have appeared to substitute the various categories and types of controlled substances already in existence, we’ve concluded that the incremented search for these substances already reflects the markets tendency to consume these offerings at a global, European and national scale.Drug-trafficking with a focus on gains is perpetrated by diverse criminal organizations that operate together for the dominance over the market of various regions in the world. If current globalization contributes for a larger freedom of action in all of societies sectors, it also does the same for the exercise of new criminal activities, such as drug-trafficking via internet. These new tendencies of the criminal world, that have as their main agents, organized crime that also operates in legit sectors of the economy, reinforce the notion of “society at risk” that we live in now-a-days. The ever more dangerous action of production and sales of these substances, in places that are at the surface or in the so-called “deep web”, through the use of encrypted software and digital currency, are capable of rising the hypothesis of current national drug laws being broken and toughening the reprehension of these acts when perpetrated from outside our borders. The international organisms dedicated to drug prevention have a focal function in the knowledge of this phenomenon, which helps the progressive development of global treaty’s and European and internal legal actions. For the development of a sole legal justice space and better enforcement against criminality it is urgent that we create a “European District Attorney” and coinvestigative teams. There should also be adopted a system of generic definitions for the identification of these drugs and a reinforced trust from our national community in the enforcing action against broken laws by attributing relevancy by the Penal Code towards the activity of: cybernetic drugtrafficking.

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