Author(s) José Pedro Correia Fernandes
Advisor(s) Joaquim Freitas Rocha
Year 2016

Synopsis My aim and purpose with this piece of research is to analyse the impact of recent ‘Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play regulations’ issued by UEFA, in the structure of European sporting bodies. These regulations administrate the level of expenditure of European football clubs and, therefore, this work examines the framework of those rules, with particular emphasis given to the controversial ‘break-even’ prerequisite. We will also examine the European standards on the subject and whether the UEFA’s mechanism is compatible with the same. We will analyse the possibility that it comprises an anticompetitive agreement (art. 101 TFEU) and, in the event that it does, whether this is exempted and under what circumstances. Some related topics will also be addressed, such as the specificity of sport, the dissociation between pure sporting rules and economic rules, the alleged infringement of Articles 45 and 102 TFEU, as well as the problem of prohibition of the so-called third-party ownership of players.

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