Author(s) Daniela Salgueiro de Carvalho
Advisor(s) Teresa Alexandra Coelho Moreira
Year 2017

Synopsis The development of new information and communication technologies has been changing many sectors and the way the people interact. The work relationship is not an exception and in the last years the world of work has experiencing a tremendous revolution. In fact, the technologies modified and improved working methods, thus characterized by efficiency and agility. However, the use of technological tools raises relevant questions, related to employees’ privacy and electronic control of the employer. Privacy, an important dimension of people’s lives, faces new challenges, since the surveillance that these recent forms of control allow is quite intrusive. Among the new information and communication technologies used by workers, the e-mail excels, being a quick and useful mean of communication, but also a way of the employer carries out its control. Consequently, it is important to know what limits should be established to protect the privacy and the secrecy of communications that employees are entitled in the workplace and if the employer can monitor employees e-mail. This way, the theme of worker’s privacy and control of the employer presents itself as an important question, all over the world as well as in Portugal.

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