Author(s) Ana Rita Franco da Silva Carneiro
Advisor(s) Isabel Celeste M. Fonseca
Year 2015

Synopsis The evolution of European Union followed and created trends, expanded their domains and influenced the national polities. The present dissertation no more than reflects a trend that has extended its influence in national domains. Translating simplistically the title, we will study how environmental aspects can be promoted in public procurement. We will evaluate the role of environmental considerations in the different stages of the procedure, with greater emphasis on the development of the contract, depriving from great details the stages after the adjudication of the contract. How it all began will be our first concern. In the first chapter we intend to expose the roots of an environmentally friendly public procurement, the synergies policies between the international, European and national community. We will open the range of analysis with the purpose of inserting this policy in a larger end – the development / sustainable consumption. We move forward in time and freeze the present, assessing the possibilities of inclusion of environmental considerations in the key moments of the formation of public contract, crisscrossing the national reality (not independent) with the European reality. In a guessing exercise, we extend ourselves for the future. With clues given by the European Union we will dissect the future European changes and the possible national deviations. We will advance some reviews, recommendations and warnings to public purchasers who wish to contribute with their instrument – Public contract – for a better environment. We hope that this is just our first approach to the question: how can we make public procurement greener?

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