Author(s) Isabel Maria Rodrigues da Costa
Advisor(s) Isabel Celeste M. Fonseca
Year 2015

Synopsis This paper aims to realize on what terms public authorities can hire vending machines, as they are numerous buildings of the State that have in their facilities this kind of machines. So we set off to discover the concept of concession, specifically concession of public services, and the vision of the European Union (EU) on the subject. Furthermore, it is important to examine carefully the issues inherent to the vending machines, in particular realizing the type of contract for this machines and the principles which should guide the procedures for installing them. In this context, we underline the principles of transparency, equality and competition which are fundamental when it comes to public contracts and the principles of impartiality, good faith and responsibility, which we consider extremely important. It is also intended to ascertain whether the owner of the machines is a service provider or a concessioner, not forgetting the reference to the rights and duties of public contracting and concessioner of these machines. Moreover, there is also a approach to subjects such as the responsibility of the state and the regulation in the context of vending machines, which are essential to defend and safeguard of both the interests of the users of this type of machines, but also of the state.

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